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With a vision to bring a positive change in society through inspiring designs and architecture, Architects SF strives to create comfy, elegant and timeless residential as well as commercial buildings in San Francisco and nearby territories. Our designs are inspired by great ideas coming from various sources like people, society, nature, art, culture, or history. Love, care, positivity and inspiration are the fundamental blocks of our architectural process.

We are a team of experts with an eye towards the future and focus on our customers’ needs. We are one of the most trusted full-service architecture firms in San Francisco. We don’t believe in the One Size Fits All theory. Our designs are as fresh as our clients. When you avail our services, you can expect a unique design and class that won’t fade for ages. Finding an architect with a good professional history and within your budget is not a piece of cake; especially if you live in areas like San Francisco. But, when you work with Architects SF, you get the best of both worlds.

We are committed to and invested in our projects

We stay committed and invested in our client projects from start to finish. Architects SF is one of the top architecture firms San Francisco that embodies the characters of its team members to whom building professional relationships is as important as building great projects.  We are known for blending the charm of classic architecture with on-point contemporary designs that give equal importance to comfort and functionality. We never cut corners for any reason as delivering the finest is what we are known for. 

Architects SF only settles for the top-notch quality of construction materials, best technology and exemplary craftsmanship. We have developed a good reputation for creating commercial and residential projects over the years. Be it a modern house design, a historic building or a custom commercial project – we give our 100% to go beyond our client’s expectations. We help you realize your dream space by giving excellent results in terms of design and functionality. Architects SF is inclined towards transforming client’s ideas, dreams and desires into reality. We have worked on a wide range of building types and styles. No project is too complex, too small or too big for us. 

Residential Architects San Francisco


We consider building residential spaces a big responsibility. Residences are more than raw materials, design and functionality. In these spaces, people dwell in, raise families, create memories and share emotions. We understand the fact that a great residence plays a vital role in a pleasing neighborhood, positive environment and happy life. We have created values at all scales in San Francisco and the neighborhood. Our clients trust us because of our glorious history, phenomenal expertise, commitment, integrity and craving to achieve the finest. Being reputed residential architects San Francisco, we have a very high rate of repeat clients since we always focus on building long-lasting relationships as we do for our projects. Each of our residential designs shows sustainability and tells a story. Contributing to a great urban society and culture always remains our prime concern.


Commercial Architects San Francisco

RESTAURANTS – RETAIL – OFFICES – TENANT IMPROVEMENTSArchitects SF remains a familiar name when it comes to affordable and sustainable commercial architectural design in San Francisco. Be it workplace environments or repositioning of commercial buildings; commercial architecture design requires strategic programming which is our core strength. We have covered a broad variety of commercial projects in San Francisco. Our in-depth knowledge, years of experience, dedication and responsiveness gives our clients all the good reasons to love us. We got the best commercial architects and support personnel in our team which makes any project design a seamless task. We always deliver the outcome our clients desire. 

Every commercial space owner wants their project to get to the finish line as soon as possible without cutting corners. Our responsive behavior, immense experience and collaborative efforts make that possible. And, we try to optimize the budget with proper planning too. Choose the right architect for commercial project and see your customers and employees getting motivated with the positive vibes around. If consulting with an architect sounds like a tedious task to you, try allowing our top-rated team to change your perception.  



Building a home or commercial architecture is like a journey that demands collaborative efforts, participation and responsibility of a professional team. At Architects SF, we put 100% of our mind, body and soul to transform your dream project into reality and that begins with planning the Design. We understand the fact that a carefully designed home or commercial space will always generate positivity and last very long. We communicate and coordinate with our core team members responsible for developing the design of the project and strive to work as closely as possible with the client to make sure the outcome turns out to be excellent. Every client is different and therefore every design should too. We establish in-depth communication with our clients to understand their aspirations, goals and aesthetic needs. The last part of this phase includes coming up the drawings and sketches and the rough cost estimates based on the same.

Construction Documents

Once the initial design gets the final approval of the owner and it is uniformly liked by all the parties, we proceed with our next phase which is producing Construction Documents. There will be a few documents covering each facet of your residential or commercial project. This set of documents will give the contractor a fair idea about how the project is going to be built. This phase will also give you an accurate estimate of the construction. 

Architectural Detailing and Construction Administration


Once we have submitted the construction documents, it’s time to dive into the interior and exterior architectural details which will provide uniqueness to your project’s aesthetics and functionality. Once the detailing part is done, we move towards administrating the construction activities. In short, we will fill your presence at the construction site and make sure everything is going according to our agreed plan. From time to time, we will arrange meetings to share the progress details of your project keeping everyone in the loop. 



1390 Market Street, Suite 200
​San Francisco, CA 94102​
(415) 519-4954